Slots History Brings About Multi-Million Dollar Industry

Slots history is a real and active look back at how the whole concept of slots began. Slots today has turned into a multi-million dollar industry where you can play real money games and win at slots or just enjoy a game for fun. Charles Fey is the important name to remember when looking at the Slots history, he is credited with inventing the first real slots game in the back of his garage. This slots game was called the Liberty Bell and it was a drum made up of three cylinders which rotated. On each cylinder there were pictures of diamonds, spades, horseshoes and hearts. If when the cylinders came to rest there was a line of the same symbols, a win was awarded. The rest is history, as they say.

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The Original Ways to Win at Slots

The concept of this Liberty Bell was soon adopted by many gaming leisure faculties, the predecessors of the online slots casino. Charles Fey did not sell the rights to the Liberty Bell so in later years a copy was made by a man called Herbert Mills: the Operation Bell. This was the first machine that had lemons and plums and cherries, it worked on the same principle as the Liberty Bell and soon took off as the most popular casino game. Over the years, more machines were developed with more complex mechanical mechanisms. In 1964 the first electronic slots machine was marketed and it came with flashing lights and animated sounds. From then on, the development of slots rocketed until the online slots casino today which now offers mobile slots in addition to slots applications for iPhone.

Try Your Luck and Win

Looking at Slots History will not teach you any slots tips but it will give you an indication of the rich history and development that slots have undergone over the past century and more. From the early beginnings in the back of a garage until today where you can walk around with your mobile phone and play specially adapted slots, there has been a lot of action. The online slots casino has become a truly versatile and exciting place to play and win at slots and this has to be thanks to the rich slots history. From early fruit symbols and card symbols, you can now find every theme possible including historical figures, make believe and even sporting figures. The rate at which slots have developed is incredible but it is mainly due to the popularity of the game and of course its versatility.