Tomb Raider Online Slots– 10 FREE SPINS and Great Payouts!

Wonderful casino games are not always easy to find. The real online casino slots games that are worth playing include many great gambling features that let the gamer constantly feel the thrill. The atmosphere is always fantastic and the overall experience is just pure FUN. So, how can we find such games? What are the parameters that determine our satisfaction? All the answers can be found right here… by playing Tomb Raider Online Slots the average gambler can really enjoy each and every minute devoted to gambling. Out of the many casino games existing online, the best free slots for Canadians is, without a doubt, Tomb Raider: it has wonderful benefits, FREE SPINS, great payouts and a lot of gambling features that will let you feel you are the master of this game! So, let's understand, once and for all, what rewards you really get once you play it!

The Bonus Feature of Tomb Raider

The Bonus Feature is a great symbol you will not easily find while playing other games. It is one of the things that make this online slots game very unique. The Bonus Feature, which looks like a golden statue, has the ability to add a substantial amount of credits to your payline in no time. All that you need is to have three, four or five such golden symbols on your reels. Once they appear, you will enjoy the following payouts: for three Bonus Features, your winning potential is between 36 and 1500. If you gain four such symbols, the winning potential is between 48 and 2000, and if you were truly lucky and all five reels had Bonus Feature symbols, then 60 – 25,000.00 credits can now be yours! If this is not enough for you, you will probably like to know that this wonderful bonus can be retriggered during the FREE SPINS!

Great! What Other Rewards Tomb Raider Has?

Well, it is time to get to know the most fundamental benefits of this game. Among others, this game can easily become a free online slots, and let you enjoy a lot more with each spin!


WILD is just one of the wonderful gaming features existing over here. However, it is a very important one and you want to know how it can (and it surely can!) benefit you!

So, do you remember the days that it took three, four, and even five identical symbols in order to win that spin? Remember how two identical symbols could almost do, but were still not enough when you were looking at your payline? Well, it is time to forget about these days because now two, three and even four identical symbols are all you are going to need in order to win more credits! WILD is coming to your aid and it has the power to substitute any other symbol on your reels, so the missing symbol is not required anymore! Besides the Scatter, all symbols are replaceable by WILD and the meaning is that three of a kind can be created by two symbols and a WILD, four of a kind – by using three symbols + WILD and the prestigious five of a kind need nothing more than four identical symbols, with the help that WILD can now supply.

In addition to that, WILD does not only serve as a platform for you to gain more credits, but it can give you nice payout on its own. By having merely two adjacent WILD symbols, your payout will equal 5 credits. Three WILD symbols have the payout potential of 200 credits and four WILDs will benefit you with 2,000 credits. Last but not least, you can enjoy five adjacent WILD symbols. Their payout will equal no less than 7,500 credits and the gain is all yours!


Love playing slots for fun? Now you can play FREE slots for fun when you play Tomb Raider online! How? Easy! By using the SCATTER symbol! SCATTER is the symbol that gives you a FREE ticket to the FREE SPINS. Once you have three, four, and even five SCATTER symbols you get to enjoy no less than 10 FREE SPINS. During those FREE SPINS you will have the option to gain more credits, and you will not be required to deposit at all. It is also good to remember that all the Scatter wins are multiplied by the total number of credits stacked, and they are added to your payline wins.

In addition to giving you the platform to win those spins, SCATTER, just as WILD can benefit you with some very nice payouts. The payouts that SCATTER can give you are: 2 credits for 2 SCATTERS, 4 credits for 3 SCATTERS, 50 credits for 4 SCATTERS and no less than 400 credits for 5 SCATTERS. So pay attention to the woman with the guns, she can benefit you a lot!

Sound Terrific! How do the FREE SPINS Work?

Well, the FREE SPINS are a whole different adventure! In general, this wonderful free slots no download game has a lot of features that make the game enjoyable for you. Once you start playing, you get into the mood with some dramatic music and fascinating cartoons. However, from the very first moment you embark on the FREE SPINS mode, you get to enjoy a much happier theme, with better music and animated cartoons that come to life each and every time you win a spin. The FREE SPINS will start only when you want them to (press the button) and the best part is that all of your winnings will automatically be tripled once the FREE SPINS end!