Thunderstruck2 Online Slots – Up to 2.4 MILLION Credits and the GREAT HALL OF SPINS can now be yours!

online slots games in Canada, and for a very good reason! While many other free slots games online can benefit you with the regular rewards which you get to see pretty much everywhere, Thunderstruck2 online slots is one of those highly unique games that can give you truly exceptional benefits! First of all, when you play Thunderstruck2, you can actually gain up to 2.4 MILLION credits, and you cannot easily find it somewhere else. In addition to that, Thunderstruck2 contains the great hall of spins, which has four different and very exciting ways to let you enjoy up to 5 FREE SPINS as well as other great and exciting benefits.

In addition to all of that, this wonderful game lets you get excited form the very first moment you start playing! Even before the first spin begins, you get to enjoy a fascinating atmosphere thanks to the dramatic music and beautiful cartoons. All of these, combined together with additional gaming features which you will get to know (and LOVE!) soon, make this whole experience much better than any other experience gained by playing ANYTHING else!


First of all, it really is incredible. If you choose to play a fine real money slots in Canada, there is no doubt Thunderstruck2 is the best one for you. Second of all – please have just a little patience… before we get to the great hall of spins, you need to get familiar with the SCATTER symbol.


Scatter is the symbol that looks like a BONUS. Now, although one of the best things that any fine casino game can offer you is the thrill attributed to the gambling experience, the other best thing is the joy that comes once you gain more credits. Now, Thunderstruck2 offers you a way to gain more credits, and enjoy doing it, while not having to deposit much more. The SCATTER, when having three, four or five of its symbols on your reels can get you into the great hall of spins.

Once you get there, you can enjoy the FREE SPINS adventure. The FREE SPINS are actually a special form of spins that play one by the other and charge nothing from your payline. However, you still have the ability to win more credits during those spins as well as enjoy many other benefits the game has to offer you.


The GREAT HALL OF SPINS has four different ways to make the FREE SPINS an incredible benefit for you; each method can be yours during a different point of the game.


The Valkyrie bonus will be available to you from the very first trigger of the bonus feature. Valkyrie can benefit you with 10 FREE SPINS as well as with the 5X multiplier which will apply on each and every one of your winnings. In addition to that, your FREE SPINS can be RETRIGGERED!


This bonus will be available to you from the 5th trigger of your bonus feature. With Loki you can enjoy no less than 15 FREE SPINS and a WILD MAGIC FEATURE. You want to keep an eye on reel number three since once the WILD MAGIC symbol appears over there it can randomly transform your symbols into additional substitutes. During the Loki mode, 2, 3, 4 and even 5 SCATTER symbols can retrigger the FREE SPINS respectively!


Odin is a bonus available from the 10th trigger of this bonus feature. ODIN can reward you with 20 FREE SPINS and a WILD RAVEN feature. The RAVEN FEATURE can turn other symbols, randomly, into 2X and 3X multipliers. In addition to that, a 6X multiplier can also be triggered in the RAVENS LAND.


Thor is a wonderful bonus that can be yours from the 15th trigger of the bonus feature. Thor can benefit you with 25 FREE SPINS and with the rolling reels. Additionally, consecutive wins will increase your multiplier up to 5X (will be 2X, 3X and 4X multipliers before they get to 5X = more winnings – more multipliers!).

In addition to all of these great benefits you get to enjoy during this incredible game, SCATTER symbol has another way to make you truly happy. SCATTER can give you a nice payout and add some credits to your payline even before the FREE SPINS start. All that you need is two adjacent SCATTER symbols in order to gain a credit. Three adjacent SCATTERS will payout two credits while four adjacent symbols are worth 20 credits. If you were truly lucky and got 5 SCATTERS, then 200 credits will be yours.


Yes, this game is truly WILD and so are the benefits. The WILD symbol also takes place over here and it can totally alter the way things are being done for you. So, even if you got used to the fact that you must have at least three identical symbols next to each other in order to gain some credits, WILD is here to change things for you. WILD is a truly WILD symbol since it can replace any other symbol that appears on your reels, besides the SCATTER. By doing that, WILD can make "two of a kind" (that practically often times don't have any payout) into a three of a kind and let you enjoy the gain of additional credits. Same thing applies with three of a kinds + WILD: four of a kind is created and your win spin lets you enjoy a greater payout. Similarly, four of a kind accompanied by a WILD will be worth just as much as a five of a kind and the gain is all yours!