How Progressive Slots Are Different

Progressive slots are the kings of online slots games and land based casino slots. They are very similar to video slots and have most of the same extra features. These features include bonus games with bonus screens, scatter symbols, wild symbols free spins and multipliers. Some are 3 reel slots and some are 5 reel slots.

In land based casinos you can find stand-alone progressive slots as well as in house linked progressives. But in online slots the progressive slots are linked to a network which means that they could even be world wide. Any online slots casino will advise you of the size of their progressive linkage as well as telling you the size of the jackpot when you begin your game.

There are many different types of online slots which are known as online pokies to Australians. These slot machines or pokies as they are better known down under come in many different shapes and sizes. There are three reel pokies and five reel pokies together with progressive pokies. The five reel pokies make up the most of the slot machine options that there are and these can have multiple paylines. In addition to multiple paylines there are also different bonus games that can be triggered from scatter and bonus symbols. Free spins and wild symbols also help to contribute to the accumulated winnings which can be gained from the base games and the bonus games. Where possible it is a good idea to play the games for fun or practice to get to know the game and bonus options before placing real money bets.

The progressive slots have a jackpot that keeps building until someone gets the top winning combination. Every time someone plays at progressive slots, a percentage of the money the player spends is added to the jackpot. That is why the jackpot keeps growing, and that is why slots players are tempted to play the progressive slots.

Winning the Progressive Slots Jackpot

It is important to understand that hitting the winning line in progressive slots is totally a matter of luck just like buying a lottery ticket. Since the spinning of the reels is operated by a random generated computer, there is no way to strategize or to find a method to hit the winning line.

At any online slots casino you'll notice that most of the progressive slots games have multiple reels, multiple pay lines and multiple coins. In order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot you must always bet the maximum number of coins. Betting the maximum number of coins can sometimes be very expensive so that you should be careful about spending your whole bankroll playing these particular online slots.

The huge jackpots in these online slots are very tempting, and it is definitely worth your while to try one's luck for a chance to make that big win. But you should always keep in mind that all slots games, even online slots, are games of chance. There is no way to predict the outcome. But also keep in mind that slots are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Putting all your money on progressive slots may not always be a good idea, but they are definitely exciting and enthralling. Try to enjoy them.