Major Fun with Major Millions

Few people today may know that Major Millions was once a 3-reel slots game. Microgaming soon realized that people were enjoying the game so much, that they decided to make it into a progressive slots game. And today, that's exactly what Major Millions is. It's a fantastic progressive slots game with a 5-reel, 15 line progressive online format that people all over the world love.

Major Millions Explained

Yes, you assume that Major Millions means that the game is major fun. And that's true. It's also a game about the military, bringing in a play on the word Major. With Major Millions progressive slots, you'll see a lot of great military symbols to enjoy. You'll find a Major, a Battleship, a Tank, a Plane, a Top Secret Envelope, Medals, a Major's Hat, a Box of Ammunition and Binoculars. Each of these symbols has Micrograming's usually great graphics and sound effects and the game is full of colors and energy. Now with Major Millions, you need to remember that all combinations have to start on the first reel and they have to read from left to right.

Other Great Major Millions Symbols

In addition, Major Millions has a scatter symbol and a wild multiplier symbol. The wild multiplier symbol looks like a Major Millions symbol which can substitute for any other symbol. Now, if you've got a Major Millions symbol as part of your winning combination, you'll automatically get paid three times your payout! The scatter symbol can appear anywhere on any of the reels in order to win. If you've got three or more of these scatter symbols, you've won. If you think you've won with these scatter symbols, you can check the pay out schedule to see how much you've won.

Progressive Slots Fun

Now, let's not forget about the progressive slots feature of Major Millions. If you've put in the maximum amount of coins that you can to enable all 15 pay lines, and the Major Millions symbol shows up 5 times on the 15th row then you've hit the jackpot! This means that you've won the progressive jackpot and you're in for a great surprise. While you're working your way towards winning the progressive slots jackpots, it's certainly fun to watch the jackpot amount grow and grow. This is because the jackpot is fed from all of the people playing the game; so the progressive slots jackpots grow very quickly. Now, even if you don't win the progressive slots jackpot, keep in mind that you can get other smaller prizes as well by playing less than the maximum amount of coins; but you can only hit the truly big jackpot with the maximum amount.

Major Millions advertises that it was the first online progressive slots game to pay over a million dollars in one of its progressive jackpots. Now that's a good incentive to have major fun with Major Millions!