Raise a Pint and Travel the Emerald Island with Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots

Get ready for a jiggy trek through the emerald island, on five reels with 20 paylines, when you play Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots.  The lucky leprechaun wants you to walk the Trail O’ Fortune where every step has a giant multiplier and the highest multiplier is an awesome 1000x!

Almost every online slots casino has an Irish-themed slots game but only a Microgaming supplied online slots casino has Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots! 

Looking for a Pot O’ Gold

There are many reasons why Lucky Leprechaun has long been one of the best online slots games.  The leprechaun wishes you “top o’ the mornin’ to ye” whenever you start a round of Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots.  He chatters along your travels encouraging your every step! 

The background music is a lively Irish jig, so lively in fact that Lucky Leprechaun is one of the select group of slots online that many players put on the maximum auto play just to have the music play in the background whilst they do their household chores!  As lively as the music is, it picks up when you score a nice win and the game is “counting” your win!

Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots is a perfect example of the modern video slot.  The story it tells is all about the Emerald Island.  The 10-Ace symbols are festooned with bright “Irish” colours.  As to the other symbols, there is the lucky leprechaun, of course, plus a pot o’ gold, a pipe, a frosty pint of Irish stout, and a fiddle.

Modern online slots thrive on graphics and animation accompanied by a clear musical score.  Mr. Leprechaun talks to you throughout your travel in his island homeland.  He does a quick Irish jig when you win.  The pot o’ gold also does a “jig”.  When it does so a few gold coins pop out of the pot o’ gold!  Not to worry, though.  If you win a big jackpot, all the coins will be in the pot o’ gold for ye!

Stacked Wild Symbol

The Lucky Leprechaun logo is the Wild symbol.  It substitutes for all other symbols save the two Scatters.  The Wild is stacked in all rounds: the regular game and the free spin bonus round!

Scatter Symbols

Most casino slots have one scatter symbol.  The Scatter symbol is so called because it wins in any position, unlike the other symbols which must win from left to right.   Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots has two Scatter symbols!

Green and Yellow Clovers

The green clover is the first scatter.  When it appears on the fifth reel, it takes you directly to the Clover Bonus.   The music becomes even livelier than in the regular game!  You begin with five free spins.  These free spins have a 2x multiplier.  If you get another green clover Scatter whilst your free spins are running, the multiplier increases, 1x for each extra green clover.

If a yellow clover appears, you get one more free spin!  With luck you can get many free spins and the multiplier can increase dramatically!

Trail O’ Fortune

Even the best online slots usually have a single Scatter and one bonus round; Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots has two Scatters and two bonus rounds!  The pot o’ gold is the second Scatter symbol.  Three pots o’ gold take you to the Trail O’ Fortune bonus.  The Trail O’ Fortune is a snake-like path through the Emerald Island. This bonus round is a massive multiplier round.  You spin the bonus wheel and begin your travel along the Trail O’ Fortune.  The first multiplier on the Trail is for a whopping 12x and the ultimate multiplier is a truly massive 1000x!

An emerald is appropriately hidden on the Trail.  If you find it you get another spin of the Trail O’ Fortune wheel.

There are also two Trail bridges.  When you land at the foot of a bridge, you cross it and by pass many lesser multipliers!

The Spirit of Ireland

The best online slots all tell a story and capture a mood.  Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots tells a story of Ireland with superior animation and sound.  The symbols dance for you when you win or even just when the desire to dance comes upon them!  The graphics exceed the norm for casino slots.  You’ll forget that you’re playing slots online: that’s how realistic the graphics are.

The music goes from one level of liveliness to another and then another!  You will truly want to put Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots on auto play to have the jigs in the background.

Make sure that your favourite online slots casino has the real thing: Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots!