Get Your Chops with Karate Pig

How do they think these 5 reel slots up? Just when you thought that the world of the online slots casino could not get any crazier, here comes a 5 reel slots game that is just insane. We're talking about the Karate Pig game that everyone is playing, the latest online slots game that delivers a real punch. The game has everything: Great features, detailing graphics, and real humor infused with the hero pig theme. Of course most attractive is the potential to really bring home the bacon with huge jackpots for those willing to bet the max.

Karate Pig Basic

Karate Pig is a 5 reel slots game where you can decide how many pay lines to activate. Just bet one coin and you are playing a center pay line where all the images must line up to win. But for every additional coin you bet, you can activate another pay line until you have forty lines crisscrossing the screen and the wins come fast and furious. All the time, if you can land a scatter symbol pig on the first or last reels, you can win some free spins that can double your winnings.

Stacking the Wilds

Karate Pig also incorporates stacked wilds that you can use if your spin comes up a pig short. The game will automatically use one of these wilds to complete your win streak and release the pay out. Then there is the extra special bonus scatter pig sign that triggers the Multi-Level Bonus Game. There are three levels in this bonus game and the top level is where you find the best prizes. On each level, you earn various karate belts until you achieve the coveted black belt. Then the Karate Pig will fight for you against an evil monster.

Entertaining Value

Some online slots casino games are all about winning money. Other 5 reel slots games are focused on entertainment. With Karate Pig, you get the best of both types of game: A fun and humorous slots game that is also exciting and can pay off big time (pig time?) Maybe that explains why this game is surging in popularity so soon after being released to the online slots casino websites. So pass the bacon and dig in to some meaty pork chops.