Castle Builder Online Slots

Castle Builder™ online slots is one of the most advanced interactive online slots games to hit the industry to date.  Not only does the game offer a unique level-based-slot™ feature, which basically means that the story unfolds as you play, but it also sports the latest in 3D online gaming animation and effects.  It quickly became one of the online slots Canadians love, offering engaging gambling through which you can immerse yourself in a fairy-tale world, whilst racking up serious payouts in Canadian Dollar.  The journey starts with you taking the modest position as construction worker, with instruction to build castles on the three kingdoms – Forana, Ethril and Ilrian.  You can quickly work your way up the ranks, elevating your title and of course, the accompanying rewards!

Build Castles on Three Kingdoms for Grand Rewards

Castle Builder™ online slots is originally a Rabcat Gambling creation that has now taken centre stage at some of the best Canadian online casinos.  The game structure incorporates 15 paylines onto 5 reels, with a host of special high-paying symbols and extra features, such as a free spins bonus, which help with landing grand wins along the way.  The game centres around you, the construction worker, receiving instructions from the kings of the three kingdoms to build castles upon allocated land for their daughters.  King Lomquer is the first to request that a summer residence be built for his youngest daughter. 

Collect Building Material as You Play

After receiving the request, you are taken to the main game screen where the piece of land allocated for the castle features to the left of the screen.  You start off with an empty stand but as you play and collect building materials the castle will take form as you build from the ground up.  The build-o-meter at the top of the screen helps you keep track of your progress and is simultaneously an inspiration to keep playing!  Coin sizes vary from just $0.01 up to $1 so you don’t have to be royalty to get the reels spinning either!  Each time you complete construction, you will get to move on to the next project, and so the story continues to unfold in Castle Builder™ online slots.  It is however the event that takes place after completion of each castle that brings with it the opportunity to accumulate even more rewards…

Castle Builder™ Slots Bonus – Find the Perfect Groom!

The Royal Wedding Castle Builder™ slots bonus takes place every time you complete a castle.  Just before the princess gets to move into her new castle, a royal wedding needs to take place, and it is your task to choose the ideal groom.  Three contestants will appear onscreen, and you need to select the best fit, which is usually pretty obvious!  By pairing the princess with the best groom, you will receive handsome rewards from the king.  After the extravagant affair you will receive the next project from the king and construction of the next castle will begin. 

Royal Payouts of up to $20,000!

As with all of the most lucrative slots games online, there are many high-paying symbols in Castle Builder™ online slots, which includes a wild symbol – represented by the builder – and the padlocked door.  Landing 5 of either of these symbols will unlock a royal payday of up to 20,000 coins.  The building icons, presented in standard, bronze, silver or gold, are however what will increase the value of the castle in the end.  These are awarded dependant on the number of matching icons you land on the reels.  Other symbols such as the chest, gold-filled satchel, the gold adorned casket and the stylized card symbols also pay out for three or more combinations of each symbol.

From Construction Worker to Official Castle Builder

Playing interactive slots games online has never been more rewarding as even with all of the bonus features, there is another way to win more in Castle Builder™ online slots.  You start out as a construction worker but you will move higher up the ranks as you go along as the kings award achievement medals.  Keep playing and building spectacular castles, and pair the princesses with the perfect grooms, and you will soon become the trusted official Castle Worker!  You can then look forward to receiving the ultimate payouts in Castle Builder™ online slots.  Enjoy playing Canadian slots online, such as this fabulous Rabcat Gambling invention, at the best Microgaming casinos for Canadians.