Hit the Jackpot with the Cash Splash Slots Game

Cash Splash is an unusual addition to the online slots casino. For one thing, it comes it two varieties, one with three reels, one pay line, and a maximum bet of three coins and another with five reels, 15 pay lines and a max bet, when added on all 15 paylines, also comes to 3 coins. But something magical happens when a player makes the maximum bet and hits three Cash Splash symbols on the three reel, or five Cash Splash symbols on the 15th pay line of the five reel. The player wins not only the pay line and the bet, he also wins the progressive slots jackpot that builds and builds at every online slots casino until some lucky winner hits the jackpot and takes home winnings that usually reach the thousands.

The Appeal of Progressive Slots

With the advent of the online slots casino, game developers such as Microgaming have made it possible for games such as Cash Splash to link together to create a progressive slots jackpot. That means that any time someone fails to win a payoff on any version of Cash Splash, a fraction of the money lost goes into a progressive fund that can be claimed by any player anywhere who makes a max bet and hits the jackpot. That means that the more people play, the higher the jackpot reaches when someone wins it. On progressive slots like Cash Splash, betting less than the max bet may be a bigger gamble than the max bet, because hitting the jackpot with a smaller bet achieves nothing more than a regular win.

The Growing Scope of the Online Slots Casino

The Cash Splash version in the online slots casino is based on an older game by the same name. The video version retains all of the elements of the original game, including the symbols and the look and feel of the game. The newest version, however, has turned Cash Splash into one of the most popular progressive slots games going today. The chance to win a jackpot, however, is not the only thing drawing people to play the game. It is also an exciting slots game, with all of the action associated with Microgaming's most successful games. The Cash Splash symbols serve as wilds, and there is also a scatter symbol helping complete paylines. Choose the version that appeals most, but don't forget about the jackpot.